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Can't seem to shake those last few pounds or just trying to look your best in the summer?  Let's get you on track to feeling and being the best you you can be!


Preparing for a new season or an upcoming event? Let's make sure to get your nutrition dialed in so you can perform to the best of your ability!


Suffering from a condition or just looking to improve your well-being?  Let's work with your physician to get you a custom-tailored program to help support getting you back to living your optimal life!


Don't know where to start while shopping or what to ditch in your cabinets and refrigerator?  Personal walkthroughs to help with learning what you should be eating and how you can do it without breaking the bank!


Need help figuring out what to eat or are you too busy to cook?  Customized healthy meal plans or prepared meals are available based on your own preferred tastes!


Have a very restricting schedule or just don't like working out with others? Then 1-on-1 training with personalized programming is for you!


Have a friend who's looking to make a change or just can't afford private training right now? Then personalized training with a group of 2-5 people is for you.  Most of the benefits of the private training at a fraction of the cost!  


Want to train with a group of like-minded individuals who are there to help motivate each other?  Whether you are looking to improve strength, conditioning or just aiming to look better and feel better about youiself, jump in with one of our specialized group classes!



I never though it was possible due to my severe back & hip pain.  I'm already down 11 pounds and training in a way that doesn't hurt! I want to thank all of my awesome trainers at Long Island Strength & Performance for making me a stronger & healthier woman!



Cait J.

"Mike is patient, knowledgeable, fun and always smiling!  From our first consultation I knew we could work together.  He always answered my questions and encouraged me.  I have kept off the weight I lost, started eating better than before and feel really good.  


Thank you Mike Kuhn, for all you have helped me achieve!" 


Rita W.

When I first discovered that I had celiac, I felt lost on how to change my diet to better my health until I turned to Mike for nutritional advice! He has both educated me on the benefits of the ancestral diet and sparked my interest in nutritional studies.  He's very patient with all of the questions I have for him and he's always readily available to consult with me when I'm grocery shopping.  My transformation in overall health (no more migraine headaches, bloating, sluggish fatigue or foggy mindedness) and physical appearance is proof that Mike is a life changer!

 Maddie F.

I had suffered from heart burn and gastrointestinal issues for over a decade.  However, after only a couple of weeks of working with Mike on nutritional and supplement protocols, I have completely reversed my problems.  I am able to enjoy eating without worry of whether it is going to come back on me. Not only that I have more energy and feel better overall as well!

Henry K.

Mike has taught me so much and I can always count on him to answer all of my questions at any time and explain in depth why and how to fix the issues i am having. His answers always make sense and from my experience have worked 100%.

Having hereditary knee problems my knees have been hurting for the past 15 years.  I finally broke down and went to the Dr.'s where they told me i needed steroid shots, and joint fluid injections and possibly knee replacement surgery in my future.  I turned to Mike and picked his brain and he taught me how to rebuild my cartilage naturally.  Within the week i had no knee pain and still don't.  I never went for the injections and i am able to do everyday things that would normally cripple me for days. 

I am fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Mike and i urge anyone that needs help or advice to turn to him. The amount of knowledge he contains continues to blow my mind

Theresa S

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